10 Top Places Within Walking Distance from Club Yebo Hotel

Truth is that this list could belong to no end, since there are so great recommendations we can make of places around us. If you have stayed with us, you know that our convenient location at 1 street from the beach and one to 5th Avenue in the center of Play a del Carmen are one of the things our guests appreciate most. It’s very easy to get around, whether you want to go shopping, dining, for a drink or even go to Cozumel.

Shopping close to Club Yebo Hotel

Sagrario Swimwear

If the case is:you forgot your swim suit when packing, please take it easy! There is a solution crossing the street! Sagrario’s custom made bathing suits, made to measure, perfect fit, mix and match pieces.

May be it is a good idea to leave your swimsuits at home!

Corazón Shopping Center

We could side this spectacular place is right at our back!.This side road of the 5th Avenue, just 2 blocks from Club Yebo Hotel, offers everything from clothing stores, to bookshops, bars, and restaurants. There is even an Aquarium which is great to visit in case you catch a rainy day. Or may be you really don’t enjoy snorkeling but want to see fish, corals, sharks and other sea creatures.

Where: Just off the 5th Avenue between streets 12 and 14.

Shopping Mall Quinta Alegría

We are sure you saw it in your ride to our hotel. You will find everything here. This mall is a great place either for shopping or for just having a coffee at Starbucks and some people watching. If you want to bring some Mexican Tequila back home, try the Europe a store in the mall. They know what they sell and can advise you on what Tequila to buy.

Where: 5th Avenue with Constituyentes Avenue


Dining close to Club Yebo Hotel

Indigo Beach

Sometimes our guests arrive to the hotel asking for a place to eat at the Beach. Well it is a perfect question because this restaurant literally can’t get any closer. It is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while you enjoy the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea or even order the meal o your room. They serve all kind soffood, from Sushi to Pizza.

Where: same 14th street on the Beach.


If we could, we would go everyday to this fantastic place. Whatever you order from their international and Asian fusion menu, you are going to love it. Their setting is intimate, lovely and service makes a perfect evening.

Every morning they serve breakfast and brunch.

Where: literally, 2 buildings from Club Yebo: 1st Avenue between Streets 14 and 16.

Having a drink close to Club Yebo Hotel

Dirty Martini Lounge

We are big fans of this place. And why not to say that they serve the most Delicious Martinis in town. The crowd is mostly international, some are enjoying the irretiremen there in Play a del Carmen, the language spoken is mostly English. Their happy hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a good time to hangout and meet new people

Where: 1st Avenue between Streets 12 and 14


You will love their Margarit as, actually all cocktails from the menú are tasty and special. For those who are looking a relaxed atmosphere right at the beach with vibrant live music, will love Zenzi. Staring at 5 pm, they play different music – from Rock to Salsa to Pop. Fresh sand awaits to massage your feet while enjoying a drink or having dinner,they offer hamburgers, sandwiches, and seafood.

Where: 10th Street and the Beach.

Get entertained close to Club Yebo Hotel

Walking through 5th Avenue

One of the perks of staying at Club Yebo is being so close to 5th Avenue, since there is so much to see, from street art performances, handcraft souvenirs, street art galleries, entertainers dressed as superheroes, may an warriors, mariachis and many more.

5th Avenue is enjoyable at almost any time during the day…

Were commend to avoid the heat hours during summer. However you will find ice-cream stores, restaurants of any kind, bars and coffee houses. From many streets you can reach the Beach that run as long as 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen.

Make sure you have space in your storage to take a lot of pictures because you will see many cutie things for long lasting memories

3D Museum of Wonders

Here is where photo lovers will have a blast

Become a daring adventurer, able to face a lion, a Formula-1 driver or a Greek sculpture. From hunter to millionaire, from surfer to mountain climber.

Visit the interactive museum that exhibit many galleries where travelers can take pictures with conceptual paintings in 3D

Where: 8 street North, 10 Avenue north.

Frida Kahlo Museum

It’s always good to add some culture to your vacation, right? And why not learning something about one of Mexico’s most famous artists? Playa del Carmen has the second Museum dedicated to Frida Kahlo, explaining visitors about the artist’s life and work. Up stairs is the Frida Kahlo restaurant, which is also a great place for having a drink or dinner.

Where: 5th Avenue with 8th Street

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